""If you or someon you love is experiencing hearing difficulties, I recommend that you call the office of Dr. Kevin Whritenour.  Audiologist must have a university degree, while hearing aid dispensers don't, I found out the difference.  The choice is yours, your hearing is important. I recommend that you trust your hearing health care to Dr. Kevin Whritenour.  Why see someone less qualified?"
I had the  opportunity to work with Dr. Whritenour on two separate occasion when in the market to purchase hearing aids.  In both instances Dr. Whritenour was extremely professional in diagnosing my need for hearing aids and explained my options in detail, so that I was able to make an informed decision on the best products for me.  More importantly the service provided after the purchase had always been extraordinary.  I have found Dr. Whritenour treats me like a friend as opposed to a patient, which is a major point of differentiation when considering other providers."
                                Ron M.  San Antonio TX.
"What make this world we live in a joyful place to be in, is people like you that want to help others like you do"
                                                Pearl K  San Antonio TX
"Completely satisfied with your competence and fitting with hearing aids"
                                                  Edna R.  San Antonio TX
"We appreciate the excellent service you're giving my hearing aid patients. They are all very satisfied"
                                               Nevin R.  MD   San Antonio TX
"These new aids are a whole different improvement, at last!"
                                              Betty  F.  San Antonio TX
" I am pleased to tell my friends about your fine, professional service for the hearing impaired.  Your knowledge, procedures, explanation and manner are tops."
                                            Tony L    San Antonio TX
" I appreciate very much working with you and your clients over the years.  Your practice has been refreshing to have available to my patients compared to experiences I have had with some of your colleagues."
                                               Local ENT Doc.  San Antonio TX
"Thank you for your courtesy and kindness at our last visit"
                                              George  S.  San Antonio TX
" I am deeply in your debt!!  First your talent and quick understanding saved my sanity (and pocket book)!!!  Heartfelt appreciation and thanks"
                                             CG W.  San Antonio TX
" I am so grateful for your help in acquiring my new hearing aid. It is so nice to hear better.  Thank you so much.  It is greatly appreciated."
                                               Betty H.   San Antonio TX
" Thank you for your prompt and courteous service,  As always!!"
                                               June  M.  San Antonio TX
Dr. Whritenour has been attentive to my needs , finding the best solution to my problems, whenever I have a problem and they have been few. He has quickly and efficiently taken care of those problems.
                        Richard. A  San Antonio TX
  Dr. Whritenour has been handling my audiology problems for about 8 years. He has continuously been accurate with my particular problem and has provided appropriately diagnostic and technological expertise.  I have been extremely pleased with the service he has provided.
                                  Dr. JJ.  W.  MD  San Antonio TX
 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Dr. Whritenour;
You have been my audiologist for over a decade and I just want you to know how much I appreciate the professional, knowledgeable and most considerate and concerned attitude you have always shown me.  It goes without saying my hearing is as normal as if I was 35 years onld and not 80! The devices you have prescribed  as I have aged are providing me with excellent hearing and I am most grateful for all you have done to create this.   Thank you and God bless you, and your family.  Sincerely
                                     Patricia   S.  Schulenburg TX
What ever Kevin said he would do he has since March 2006.
                                     Joel A.  San Antonio TX
Dr. Whritenour has made my hearing come back very close to my younger days.  His professional staff is certainly an unusual find this day and age of indifference.  He also has very competitive prices and the finest quality products.
                                       William A.  San Antonio TX
"Dr. Whritenour is highly knowledgeable, professional and treats his patients with dignity and respect.  I can't say enough about how much I have been helped by him and his wonderful staff."
                                       Linda G.  Del Rio TX
" Dr Whritenour combines old-fashioned kindness and respect for his patients with the latest and finest in audio technologies.  I've used hearing aids for over 30 years and never been as pleased with my care."
                                                     Dottie  B.  San Antonio TX
"Dr. Whritenour and his staff have bent over backwards to fit me with hearing aids, to maintain and follow up the hearing aids, to mail me my hearing aid batteries at low cost. I have been working with them for about 8 years."
                                                         Helen T.  San Antonio TX
"Dr. Whritenour is a true professional that cares deeply about his patients.  I hear better than ever before.  His products work!"
                                                        Rob P.  Pleasanton  TX
"Dr. Whritenour is very professional and is well informed and trained inthe latest technological advances.  Over the last 15 years that I have used his services I have never had a bad experience.
                                                  Kelly  M.  San Antonio, TX
You will be pleased and satisfied. Dr. Whritenour was right. My hearing was not better overnight. They do the job very well.
Rod, K
San Antonio
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