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Try different levels of technology at no cost!


The new Flex demonstration hearing aids allow the user to try all levels of technology in one unit. Try each for a week, decide which works the best for you.  No one knows your hearing better than you. Wear them in your home, work, in your environment. This is a free, no cost or obligation offer. We program each level of technology for you. If you don't feel there is a benefit simply return the demo and walk away. It's a free trial. However if you do feel one of the demonstrations is the one for you we will order that system for you.  Being able to try the aids gives you the comfort of knowing your are getting the best for your particular loss.  I know of no better way to ensure each patient is getting exactly what they need. Call today we have a limited number of demos available.
Take a flex for a test drive today! 
Dr. Kevin J Whritenour